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About global-e

global-e provides a forum for timely commentary regarding global events, processes, and concerns. Each issue showcases a feature essay by a leading scholar or practitioner offering provocative reflections on public issues, historical trends, theoretical debates, methodological challenges, and curricular concerns. Our contributors have included academics, diplomats, politicians, activists, and NGO officials.
Originally launched in 2007 as a pathbreaking collaboration of global studies centers at six research universities, global-e has published more than one hundred feature articles on global health, politics, culture, economy, environment, and more.  After a hiatus in 2015, due largely to administrative and funding issues at our partner institutions, global-e was re-launched the following year under the editorial leadership of the Mellichamp Initiative on 21st Century Global Dynamics at the University of California, Santa Barbara. We are furthermore supported by a distinguished editorial board and the Global Studies Consortium, an alliance of global and transnational studies programs on five continents.

global-e was founded by partners at the Universities of Wisconsin-Madison, Illinois, California Santa Barbara, North Carolina Chapel Hill, Wisconsin-Milwaukee, and Washington.