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Jie-Hyun Lim

Jie-Hyun Lim is Professor of History and head of the Critical Global Studies Institute, Sogang University, South Korea.

Department of History Professor Lim Ji-hyun was reelected as member of the Bureau from the 22nd International Congress of Historical Sciences (ICHS) general meeting which was held in Jinan, China on August 2015. Along with his first term from year 2010 to 2015, this is his second term to be elected as member of the Bureau from year 2015 to 2020. ICHS is a distinguished conference with 100 years of history which locates its executive office in Paris and it was established by well-known historical scholars such as Marc Bloch. ICHS is held every 5 years by going around the continents. As the member of the Bureau, professor Lim Ji-hyun will be in charge of operation and organization of this conference, draw up plans for joint projects and so on. Also under the close consultation with Korean committee, the meetings of the Bureau is planned to be held in Korea on October 2019.

Also Professor Lim Ji-hyun initiated his 5 years of term as he was elected as the president of Network of Global and World History Organizations (NOGWHISTO). NOGWHISTO locates its executive office in Leipzig and it is a network of researchers with historical orientation from global perspectives beyond the borders of the nation. Associations including World History Association from United States, Asian Association of World History from Asia, European Network in Universal and Global History from Europe are registered as members and besides these associations, global history research associations from Africa, Latin America are also registered as members. Professor Lim Ji-hyun has been taking a key role from the international network of transnational history/global history by carrying out project called ‘transnational humanities’ from his affiliated university and has been acting as a key member of research projects called ‘Global History, Globally’ and ‘Transnational memory project’ which connect Europe/United States/Asia.

With the opportunity of professor Lim Ji-hyun’s appointment as the member of the Bureau of ICHS and president of NOGWHISTO, he is also the head at Critical Global Studies Institute (CGSI). This institute was newly established and expected to become the international research hub being worthy of its name with research and education on global/world history.