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Roland Benedikter

Roland Benedikter, research professor at the Willy Brandt Center in Wroclaw, is also affiliated at the European Academy Bolzano and Stanford.

Roland Benedikter is Research Professor of Multidisciplinary Political Analysis 2017-19 at the Willy Brandt Center of the University of Wroclaw/Breslau, Co-Director of the Center of Advanced Studies of Eurac Research Bozen-Bolzano, the No. 1 research flagship of the Autonomous Province of South Tyrol in Central Europe, Italy, Trustee of the Toynbee Prize Foundation Boston, and Full member of the Club of Rome
Previously, he was Long-term Visiting Scholar / Research Affiliate 2009-13 at the Europe Center of the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Studies, Stanford University, Research Scholar 2008-15 at the Orfalea Center for Global and International Studies of the University of California at Santa Barbara (2009-13 as European Foundation Professor of Multidisciplinary Political Analysis in residence) and Full Academic Fellow 2008-12 of the Potomac Institute for Policy Studies Washington DC. He is recipient of four international science awards, among them the Klaus Reichert Award for Medical Pilosophy 2012 (Klaus Reichert Preis für Medizinphilosophie) of the University of Karlsruhe, Germany (together with James Giordano).
Benedikter has written for Foreign Affairs, Harvard International Review, Global Policy, New Global Studies, Die Welt Berlin and Challenge: The Magazine of Economic Affairs, and is author of half a dozen books on global strategic issues, co-author of two Pentagon and U.S. Joint Chiefs of Staff White Papers on the Ethics of Neurowarfare (2013 and 2014) and of Ernst Ulrich von Weizsäcker’s Report to the Club of Rome 2003.